Fake News

It has constantly been shoved down my throat that this generation of people, known as the millennials, are some of the most socially inept. With that being clear on a number of different levels, we also find that we are some of the most untrusting people of information bestowed upon us at face value. Think about it. When someone tells you about some new occurrence in the world, what is the first thing you do? Blindly accept the "facts" that you have been given? Of course not. You Google that shit. You run the almighty gauntlet to get down to the bare bones that is the truth surrounding the mystery behind Lady Gaga's third nipple. We have fake news being thrown in our faces at every turn and good amount of my peers have the wherewithal to peer through the bullshit. The government isn't the first place to go to for the truth, that is a given, but this impressive spew of lies and hypocritical finger pointing from our own president and presidential office is an absolute disgrace. I have been growing incredibly weary of the recent blunders that have been taking precedent in our presidential office. Whether it be 19 second handshakes with Prime Minister Abe of Japan, or the ongoing claims of made-up massacres by the hands of radical muslims– enough is enough. It is an obvious, backhanded, Trump business tactic that has made the man millions and destroyed so many that have put their trust in him. This scapegoating tactic is not helping trump and it is not helping the American people. Say what you will about my generation. We may be socially crippled, but at least we know not to trust the fake news spouting from this Idiocracy. 

The In-betweens

These are the uncomfortable places from which we grow. From where we search and find the great questions of who we are and where we are headed. Liminality. This is uncertainty and confusion, but it is all a part of the grand scheme of a life's plan. At least I'm holding onto the hope that it's all a part of some kind of plan. Coming to terms with this chaotic ebb and flow can and will be difficult, but the sooner the discord is accepted, the sooner it can be navigated and conquered. This is my limbo, my liminal in-between. I'm a mess, but for the most part, I'm going for a happy mess.